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Investment Strategies to Help Achieve Your Goals

We provide a consistent, disciplined approach to managing your investments. Before we start constructing your portfolio, we evaluate your tolerance for risk so that we can match you with an appropriate strategy:

  • Advance and Protect: We have developed this strategy for clients who are more interested in protecting their investments. We help manage your risk by analyzing market trends and moving a portion of your stock holdings out of the stock market when indicators show a downtrend. Once the risk has abated, we will move your holdings back into the stock market.
  • Growth: We have developed this strategy for people who are focused on growth and can tolerate more risk. This strategy gives you full participation in the market, potentially increasing your risk during downturns but also potentially increasing your long-term investment returns.

For each strategy, we emphasize asset classes that are outperforming the Russell 3000 index, using momentum and breadth indicators, and rebalance quarterly. We also proactively apply tax minimization strategies so you can keep more of your money working toward your goals.