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How We Help

Advocates for the Long Term

At Motz Wealth Management, we provide comprehensive financial planning and ongoing investment management with the goal of making your life easier. As your lifetime advisor, we craft a custom-tailored financial plan designed to help you achieve your goals both now and in the future.

We can work with you to:

  • Develop a comprehensive plan to address your financial concerns and achieve your goals
  • Update your financial plan and investment portfolio to stay in sync with the changes in your life
  • Apply our deep tax knowledge to minimize taxes and maximize your net worth
  • Adapt our Advance and Protect Strategy or Growth Strategy to optimize your potential to earn the returns you need to achieve your goals
  • Bridge the transitions of your life, whether those transitions are due to retirement, career changes, marriage, divorce, or the loss of your spouse

The Nine Wealth Management Issues Guiding Your Plan

In our 35 years of working with clients, nine wealth management issues have emerged as the most important concerns for our clients. These concerns will guide the development of your financial plan’s recommendations, as well as the maintenance of the plan.

  1. Investment management: We create an investment strategy designed for your unique goals, and can utilize our Advance and Protect Strategy or Growth Strategy according to your needs and risk tolerance.

  2. Cash flow and debt management: We identify where your money is going each month and evaluate potential opportunities to improve your cash flow through tax strategies and proper debt management.

  3. Family risk management: We evaluate your current insurance policies to determine if they are meeting your needs in a tax advantaged way, at this stage of your life.

  4. Retirement planning: Whether you are just starting to plan for retirement or have already retired, we can partner with you to create a retirement plan to help you achieve your vision of retirement. Your comprehensive plan will address your income needs, potential tax implications, and other risks that could stand in the way of realizing your vision.

  5. Education planning: We will help you identify how much money you will need to send your children or grandchildren to college, determine how much you need to save, the most tax-advantaged manner to do so, and how this dedicated investment fits into your overall investment management plan.

  6. Legacy planning: We can help you create a legacy that minimizes income and estate taxes while maximizing the amount of money going to your family.

  7. Business planning: We can help you evaluate and implement strategies that not only protect your business’ value but also take advantage of opportunities that could improve the cash flow, tax situation, benefits, and bottom line of your business.

  8. Special situations planning: Whether it is a wedding, second home, or long-term care for a parent, we are here to help you with situations that do not always fit nicely into the other wealth management issues. We can assist you in determining a path to get you through whatever financial challenges and opportunities that arise.

  9. Tax planning: We integrate tax minimization strategies into your overall plan and will contact you throughout the year about changes that could affect you. We combine our extensive tax expertise and real-life experience to design wealth-building strategies that help minimize income and estate taxes and retain more money for you and your family.

Investment Strategies to Help Achieve Your Goals

We provide a consistent, disciplined approach to managing your investments. Before we start constructing your portfolio, we evaluate your tolerance for risk so that we can match you with an appropriate strategy:

  • Advance and Protect: We utilize this strategy for clients who are more interested in protecting their investments. We help manage your risk by analyzing market trends and moving a portion of your stock holdings out of the stock market when indicators show a downtrend. Once the risk has abated, we will move your holdings back into the stock market.

  • Growth: We utilize this strategy for clients who are focused on growth and can tolerate more risk. This strategy gives you full participation in the market, potentially increasing your risk during downturns but also potentially increasing your long-term investment returns.

For each strategy, we emphasize asset classes that are outperforming the Russell 3000 Index, using momentum and breadth indicators, and rebalance quarterly. We also proactively apply tax minimization strategies so you can keep more of your money working toward your goals.

Our Process

We have designed a process for new clients to discover your goals and create the financial planning and investment management solutions to help you achieve them.

  1. Meet for a complimentary consultation: We get to know you and your goals and discuss how we would help you achieve them. You will receive a quote so you can make an informed decision about working with us.

  2. Create a financial plan: We do a deep dive into your goals and dreams, determining your priorities. We gather your financial information and documents so we can create a plan custom-tailored to your situation.

  3. Deliver a customized plan: We present your comprehensive financial plan and go over our recommendations to help you take control of your financial life. We answer any questions you may have and explore potential what-ifs.

  4. Implementation of plan: We implement your plan and check in regularly with you to discuss the progress made. We also oversee the transfer of your investment accounts.

  5. Hold follow-up meetings: We meet regularly with you to discuss plan progress, provide investment updates, and learn about the changes in your life so that your life and plan remain in sync. We recommend quarterly meetings in our first year together and semiannual meetings in the second year and beyond.

Our Fee Structure

As a fee-based wealth management firm, we are transparent about our fees so that you have a clear understanding of what you will pay for our services. We charge a one-time financial planning fee and an ongoing quarterly investment management fee that is charged against the accounts we manage for you.

Financial Planning Fees

We provide all of our clients a customized financial plan with recommendations. The one-time fee for this plan will be based on the complexity of the services provided, with most fees ranging from $1,000 to $2,500.

Investment Management Fees

We charge an investment management fee based on the value of your portfolio. We advise on portfolios with a minimum value of $750,000, including active 401(k) accounts.

We waive this minimum for our clients’ children. We may also waive it for potential clients who are financially responsible and saving a substantial portion so that they will reach the minimum in a reasonable time.  

Our Resources

Knowledge is a key part of successfully managing your wealth. We have provided the information here to help keep you informed about market trends and financial issues that could affect you. If you have any questions or would like information on a specific topic, please contact us with your recommendations.