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About Us


Our founder, Melissa Motz, started Motz Wealth Management to provide comprehensive wealth management to help clients plan for a successful future. Based in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, we consider ourselves lifetime advisors, meaning we are committed to you in the long term. As your lifetime advisor, we proactively plan for potential changes in your life while guiding you through your life’s transitions as they happen.

Melissa has made putting clients’ best interests first central to the work we do. As fee-based financial planners, we align our interests with yours so that when you succeed, so do we.

To put your interests first, we need to know you as a person. We take the time to learn about your concerns and discover your goals. Then we craft a customized plan and investment portfolio to help you achieve your goals while addressing your concerns.

Your plan will incorporate multifaceted solutions to meet your needs, including retirement planning, cash flow planning, tax planning, investment management, education planning, legacy planning, risk planning, and special-situation planning. Find out more about our financial planning services.


As your wealth advisor, Melissa will apply her seasoned expertise as a CFP® professional and a CPA, with an M.S. in Taxation, to craft strategies personalized to your goals and needs. As a client, you will receive ongoing tax planning, the ability to take advantage of our growth or preservation investment strategies, and a financial plan in line with the nine wealth management issues that our research shows are most important to our clients.Our team complements this personal touch with an attention to efficiency. After 35-plus years in the industry, we have developed processes to help ensure your needs are met in a skillful and timely manner. You will also enjoy a relationship with one advisor rather than get bounced around from advisor to advisor.

Always, we welcome your questions, follow through with our agreed upon recommendations, and check in with your changing life situations. We encourage you to use us as a sounding board for all your financial decisions, big or small. We are here to help.

You will work with a team that cares about you. When you walk into our office, we will know you by name and will greet you warmly. You may even catch the scent of freshly baked cookies wafting through the office.


In working with you, we are guided by our mission to be a consistent and compassionate source of wisdom and peace in a fast-paced, changing financial world. We help achieve this mission by living our core principles each and every day. We will adhere to the following values in our work with you:

  • The first step to reaching financial goals is a personalized comprehensive financial plan to guide decisions.

  • We focus on abundance, not scarcity, and manage our clients’ wealth to bring potentially greater prosperity to all areas of their financial life.

  • We support our clients’ dreams and visions; they inspire us and are our call to action.

  • We have our clients’ best interest at heart at all times.

  • We simplify and organize our clients’ financial affairs.

  • We follow a consistent, insightful, and disciplined system of wealth management.

  • We deliver personal service and are committed to our clients’ well-being.


At Motz Wealth Management, we believe in giving back to our community. We support numerous nonprofits, including the following organizations.

Montgomery County Community College

Melissa Motz is a proud alumna of Montgomery County Community College (MCCC). She and the team at Motz Wealth Management support the school in a number of ways.

  • Motz Wealth Management Prosperity Scholarship: Since 2006, Motz Wealth Management has sponsored this scholarship in order to help MCCC students on their journey to a successful career. The scholarship is awarded to a full-time, non-traditional female student who attends Montgomery County Community College in the Business Division and maintains a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Award determinations are made exclusively by Montgomery County Community College.
  • Montgomery County Community College Foundation: Established in 1983, the Montgomery County Community College Foundation is the designated tax-exempt, charitable arm of the College. The Foundation's purpose is to raise funds to assist the College in developing programs, facilities, and services to enhance and enrich student life and to maintain a tradition of educational excellence. Motz Wealth Management has supported the Foundation by hosting a shopping event at Ten Thousand Villages in Souderton, PA. Melissa Motz also served on the MCCC Foundation Board of Directors.
  • Leading Women: This former annual symposium and golf outing, sponsored by Montgomery County Community College Foundation, highlighted women's leadership in the workplace and raised awareness of the College's many innovative programs for women. Melissa served on the committee for the event and also sponsored a foursome for the day.  She and the rest of the Motz Wealth Management team were always eager participants in the day's activities.

Other Organizations We Support