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A Team Approach

You will work with a team that cares about you. When you walk into our office, we will know you by name and will greet you warmly. You may even catch the scent of freshly baked cookies wafting through the office.

Our team complements this personal touch with an attention to efficiency. After 35-plus years in the industry, we have developed processes to help ensure your needs are met in a skillful and timely manner. You also will enjoy a relationship with one advisor rather than get bounced around from advisor to advisor.

As your wealth advisor, Melissa will apply her seasoned expertise as a CFP® professional and a CPA, with a M.S. in Taxation, to craft strategies personalized to your goals and needs. As a client, you will receive ongoing tax planning, the ability to take advantage of our growth or preservation investment strategies [link to How We Help page, Investment Management section], and a financial plan in line with the nine wealth management issues [link to How We Help page, 9 Issues section] that our research shows are most important to our clients.

Always, we welcome your questions, will follow through with our recommendations, and check in with your changing life situation. We encourage you to use us as a sounding board for all your financial decisions, big or small. We are here to help.