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At Motz Wealth Management we pride ourselves on having a staff with the highest level of experience and education. Motz Wealth Management is committed to providing the educational resources necessary for our staff to remain competitive now and in the future so that we can provide clients with the highest level of service. The following list represents seminars attended and courses recently completed by Melissa:

  • E-Commerce Essentials Sales Tax Series
  • Head of the class: Equity and Fixed Income at a glance
  • It's a small world: International Small Cap
  • Quality for the road ahead
  • Trendsetters
  • The added value of a seasoned trading desk
  • Bringing value to light
  • Emerging opportunities
  • Small caps. Big ideas.
  • The mellennial mindset
  • Pursuit of income, managing risk: Municipal bond market review
  • Strengthen your core
  • Taxable fixed income market review
  • Nine years into a recovery - What's next for investors?
  • ACPEN Signature 2017 Accounting and Auditing
  • Auditor Independence: Independence and You
  • Planning for College and Higher Education
  • Convergence of Healthcare and Financial Planning
  • Challenging the Tax Man (Part I): Nuts and Bolts of an IRS Audit
  • They Why Behind the Rule
  • The Retirement and Non-retirement Investor
  • The Best Interest Contract Exemption
  • Level Fee Fiduciary and Small Accounts
  • Large Dollar Student Loans and Your Clients
  • What Happend Next? Inflation and the Impact of the Federal Reserve
  • Succession Planning - Facing the Challenge
  • Succession Planning part II - Case Studies and Panel Discussion
  • Understanding Reverse Mortgage as Part of a Retirement Distribution Plan
  • Global Trends and the Impact on CPAs
  • Planning Considerations for Non-traditional Households
  • Market Update - The Cycle Continues but the Risks are Rising
  • Understanding Tangible Property Repair Regulatios - Repair vs. Capitalization 
  • Implement Value Pricing: The 7-Step Formula Revealed
  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Basics
  • Anti-Money Laundering Update 2017
  • 2017 Annual Compliance Meeting
  • Annual National Income Tax Workshop 2017
  • In-Kind Donations: Accounting and Recognition for Non-Profit Organizations
  • Retirement Realities for Today's Investors
  • Global Market Insights
  • Tax Reform: Overview
  • Mortgage Payments in Retirement: Tax Write Off or Ticking Time Bomb?
  • Women in Accounting - Thriving Now and in the Future
  • Federal Tax Law Updates and Changes


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